1st Publicly Available Sperm Account on Blockchain


Art Description

This NFT is not only a unique artistic expression of Eggschain and sperm, but also the first publicly available spot for his sperm on blockchain, via Eggschain, and a history-making moment of his own. Eggschain was created with the goal to empower people undergoing treatments related to biospecimens with secure access to their data that is secure, immutable and decentralized. Biospecimens include DNA, RNA, blood, sperm, eggs, embryos, tissues, organs, stem cells, genome and more. This NFT auction is an opportunity to demystify fertility treatments, participate in crypto culture, and/or learn more about Blockchain and Eggschain. Privilege and benefit may include lifetime discount on sperm storage for the 1st owner, with participating clinics. Sperm storage discount may only apply for the 1st owner of the primary sale, and not resells. Benefits subject to additional terms and conditions.



Eggschain, Inc.