A Lover’s Fairytale Poetry Pieces

A Lover’s Fairytale “Love Month” Collection is for humanz who wants to go on a journey of love with their own soul. These love pieces were written between 2004-2012 of Katie’s experiences while traveling around the world. Follow her through this voyage of sharing her soul, from the heart of nature that she experienced in the world. A Lover’s Fairytale is simple, yet deep and gifts you the opportunity to dismantle your everyday circumstances and go on your own spiritual journey with your own soul. In addition to the poetry pieces, there are one of a kind art pieces created by international artist Robert Sturman. The masterpieces were created during the time when the pieces were written and before Polaroid discontinued making the original polaroid. Behind the art is a delicate work, complemented with special tools to manipulate the process while it's developing, achieving an ethereal and heavenly painting téchni. A Lover’s Fairytale is more than a poetry book. Kyriaki hopes to empower you through the words of art so you can apply, shift, and enhance your own life. These masterpieces are a moment in time. A percentage of the proceeds for this collection will be donated to an animal non-profit organization. https://www.chonacas.com/ https://www.robertsturmanstudio.com/